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Hot! Pink Floyd's Former Lead Singer Chris Dennis Said He Has No Regret About Leaving The Band For Raf Posting Mail Online

Chris Dennis, from Anglesey, North Wales, played in the earliest gig Pink Floyd played out beneath that name

He remaining when they appeared to be put up to Bahrain and your number went to sell 250 million records

Mr Dennis affirms he has usually recently been like to show off his or her previous wrist band mates' success

The grandfather established his / her very own recording studio and designed upwards a set with guitars which will were auctioned off

By Becky Evans

PUBLISHED: 06:24 EST, 3 December 2012 UPDATED: 08:41 EST, 3 December 2012

He may have flipped his to come back over a multimillionaire life-style in addition to rock and roll immortality but Pink Floyd 's first singer mentioned he have 'no regrets' concerning giving up the actual band.

Chris Dennis has been playing along with Roger Waters and Nick Mason in the actual beginning 1960s when the particular team performed his or her very first gigs while Pink Floyd .

Mr Dennis, 74, quit to look at up a new RAF posting within Bahrain merely per annum once he joined since he / she idea this music group hasn't been 'going anywhere'.

Founder: Chris Dennis, pictured together with on the list of much loved various instruments they deal pertaining to auction, stated she has often recently been satisfied with Pink Floyd's success

Original: A unusual picture of the first actually gig carried out under the actual name Pink Floyd in the party in Surrey throughout 1966 having Syd Barrett, left, Bob Klose, Chris Dennis, centre, in addition to Roger Waters, right


Memento: A photograph in the band consumed by simply Syd Barrett around 1966 featuring Bob Klose, left, Richard Wright, Roger Waters, centre, Chris Dennis, onto that car, along with Nick Mason utilized 1966

Rare: A picture of Pink Floyd in the peak with their fame signed through Nick Mason. Chris Dennis mentioned his simply repent seriously isn't taking extra pictures

Iconic: Pink Floyd pictured next their continue concert along with august 2005 in the Live8 live performance within Hyde Park. (L for you to R) Dave Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason along with Richard Wright, who seem to died throughout September 2008. Founding fellow member Syd Barrett perished in 2006 in addition to Bob Klose kept the particular piece in 1965

Different paths: Chris Dennis when in front of his / her four-bedroom Anglesey home

Passion: Chris Dennis extended to try out in jewelry immediately after leaving Pink Floyd, left, along with erected an assortment of twenty guitars - several which your dog put up for auction, right

No regrets: Mr Dennis, pictured with probably their guitars, established their own facilities right after quitting tobacco Pink Floyd



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