Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hot! Lisa Robin Kelly Naked Pictures

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According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Kelly who played Eric Foreman s sister on the sitcom and a male (identified as her husband) were each arrested last night following a violent incident at their home in which they allegedly assaulted each other.

Cops say there were no visible injuries and no drugs or alcohol were involved.

Both Kelly and the 61-year-old man are still in custody.

Are we sure that the 61-year-old man is her husband, and not her father? Because if it is her father, you know, that s called elder abuse. And I hear it s not looked upon too kindly in North Carolina. What s that? It is her husband? Oh. OK then. It s just Lisa Robin Kelly being Lisa Robin Kelly ; being all crazy and rambunctious and abusive. This is just what she does, and there s really no special term for it like elder abuse ; Lisa Robin Kelly s just a hot mess.

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