Saturday, 16 February 2013

Lunar Eclipse - The Truth About Eclipses Part 1 « Jihad Of The Pen

Written by way of Saleh Mohammed Alladin, Retired Professor involving Astronomy

In a write-up entitled this Fraud of Eclipses, Idare Dawato-Irshad from the USA features manufactured numerous allegations involving falsehood next to the particular Ahmadiyya Muslim Jam at. The eclipses depend on some sort of prophecy from the beginning on the Messiah. The prophecy regarding eclipses is usually presented while in the following possessed th: (i.e. Sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa)

For each of our Mahd (Spiritual Reformer) you can find two Signs which have under no circumstances occurred before because the generation of this heavens as well as earth, namely, the celestial satellite will probably be eclipsed about the primary overnight with Ramadh n (i.e. to the very first with the hours which some sort of lunar over shadow can certainly occur) and also the Sun shall be eclipsed to the middle day regarding Ramadh n (i.e., for the midsection day on which a new photo voltaic eclipse can occur) along with all these Signs haven't took place considering that design belonging to the heavens and also the world (Dar Qutni, Vol.1, pg.188)

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