Thursday, 28 February 2013

Hot! Niels Bohr

New Delhi: Niels Bohr was granted that Nobel Prize throughout Physics 1922 "for his providers inside analysis with the structure of atoms in addition to in the radiation emanating from them". October 7 can be his / her special birthday and also for the situation of the Danish physicist's 127th start anniversary Google features put up your doodle upon it's property page. Niels Henrik David Bohr was created with Copenhagen upon October 7, 1885. His father, Christian Bohr was a Professor of Physiology with Copenhagen University.

During World War II Bohr, fearing arrest from the Germans, fugitive to help Britain from exactly where he / she left for the actual US to figure about the Manhattan Project along at the Los Alamos laboratory in New Mexico. The Manhattan Project bring on the development of the best atom bomb.

The Niels Bohr 127th birthday celebration Google doodle showcases his contributions for you to technology and also exhibits this Bohr atomic model. This style introduced through Bohr in 1913, had been a radical reduction from before points of the atom and also proved that atom mutually which includes a tiny nucleus ornamented by means of electrons that journey around round orbits in a system just like solar system, with electrostatic energies furnishing attraction, not really gravity.

Niels Bohr past away throughout Copenhagen with November 18, 1962. His son, Aage Bohr, had been in addition granted your Nobel Prize in Physics around 1975.



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