Monday, 11 February 2013

Hot! Lack Of Effort Randy Moss Torched 49ers Postgame Show Video

The biggest receiver regarding most of time, with minimum with Randy Moss ' mind, did not air travel good inside the postgame TV study in San Francisco.

Bill Romanowski, the previous NFL linebacker who trialled upon three Super Bowl winners for the duration of his 16-year career, attended away from on Moss during a postgame analysis about Comcast Sports Network/Bay Area. His wrath was moved mainly toward the second 1 / 4 have fun with when Ed Reed intercepted some sort of pass which was advancing high plus huge in the direction of Moss. Dwight Clark, the particular renowned San Francisco wide receiver, additionally started in.

Money quote No. 1 coming from Romanowski: "What taken place is usually Randy Moss alligator network . it, he couldn't range in price up for that ball! He reported he seemed to be one of the best receiver inside DAMN entire world ok, people take note of me? Oh, God! That's what pisses me personally off! You're participating in within the Super Bowl, guys!"

Money quote No. 2 from Clark: "He didn't alligator-arm it. He decided not to perhaps attain out to get it!"

Money quote No. 3, out of Romanowski: "One matter you merely is unable to have in a Super Bowl can be not enough effort."

Moss? Lack associated with effort? Who knew?

Here's the actual video:

Moss finished the sport by using two draws to get 41 yards, such as a new 32-yard gain the fourth quarter.

And Romanowski? He bought some sort of site whipping through his / her temper from Jeff Everette connected with Rant Sports, a new rant this reads slightly like, well, your Romanowski rant.

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