Monday, 4 February 2013

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If you have no idea of what transpired over the last full week as well as principally yesterday, read that here:

I mailed Tyrese a single continue time last night (as average joe regarding course) after he or she composed me indicating "you took this shit public?! Not cool. not even remotely." I reiterated this yes I needed selling point of a person this took adntage involving another a lot of people's cc list. but it's almost all good- we should do a track mutually and laugh with the completely thing. He said this tunes appeared to be "corny when fuck" plus no. Now I here's 86% sorry, Tyrese.

As your result, continue overnight I became acupuncture throughout my personal knees though ingesting Maker's Mark. Because that's how a new Thugess rolls.

Because I'm definitely not even CLOSE for you to currently being executed with most of these sounds yet.

Where's Amber Rose? Girl, we will DO THIS. It's not really my own birthday. But let us do this.

Because I'm planning regarding extra Fem-Squats, along with or even without the the majority of lovely man-abs R&B should offer.

I wonder just what song I will write today? Rick Santorum? There are countless gems this rhyme with sweater vest..

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