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TheMetro-North Commuter Railroad(MNCR), trading asMTA Metro-North RailroadorMetro-North, is usually a with New York State. It will be busiest commuter railroad from the United States with regards to month-to-month ridership. Metro North goes support between New York City and its northern suburbs around New York and also Connecticut , including, throughout New York State, Port Jervis , Spring Valley , Poughkeepsie , and also New Canaan , Danbury , New Haven . Metro-North also provides nearby rail provider within just New York City that has a lowered fare.

Lines East involving Hudson West of Hudson History The New York Central, New Haven, along with Erie Lackawanna treatments Penn Central Conrail MTA operation as well as the creation of Metro-North Technical information East associated with Hudson Propulsion Systems Signaling as well as Safety Appliances West of Hudson Reporting represents Active rolling investment Builder and also model Photo Built Power Notes Locomotives EMD GP9 1957 1750hp Work Locomative only; merely Locomotive throughout lively company with Steam generator; employed while in winters to be able to melt glaciers away from the Third Rail EMD GP35R 1966 3000 hewlett packard Work toy locomotive only; are unable to manage directly into Grand Central; Numbered 101-106 EMD GP40FH-2 1966-1970 3000 h . p . Operated by means of NJ Transit regarding gulf associated with Hudson service; is so visible on some other NJ Transit services; Numbered 4900-4905 EMD F40PH-2CAT 1976-1981 3200 hp Operated by means of NJ Transit pertaining to rest of the world involving Hudson service; is seen with additional NJ Transit services; Rebuilt 2009; Numbered 4907- 4908, 4912-4914 P32AC-DM 1995- 1998 3200 hp . p . Dual function with regard to operations straight into Grand Central Terminal. 201-221 are in new Metro North fresh paint Scheme. 222, 223, and 225 usually are inside Metro North Silver plus Blue Paint. Numbers 228-231 will be in NH 'McGinnis' paint spots scheme. Rehabbed summertime 2012 BL06 2000 one thousand hp . p . Two products made use of pertaining to garden buttons within Brewster and also Harmon; equipped with pickup truck's cab data BL14CG 2009 2000 h . p . Used regarding East area Access project; work locomotive BL20-GH 2008 last year 2250 hp . p . Used upon branch line shuttles and as work trains, is unable to enter Grand Central Terminal. 110-115 are in Metro North Paint. 125-130 will be in NH 'McGinnis' coloration scheme. Replaced FL9s in addition to Amtrak P40 leased units. Electric Multiple Units / 1972 1977 650V DC Third Rail under jogging 12.5 kV 60 Hz AC catenary 118 outside of 244 remain throughout service, appearing supplanted by means of M8s; a number of models are around triplets M3A 1984 1985 650V DC finally rail under-running Will undertake CSR (Critical Systems Replacement) following your M8s possess arrived; To end up being succeeded simply by M9s 1987 1988 650V DC Third Rail within managing 12.5 kV sixty Hz AC catenary 3 car sets; To end up being changed by M8s Morrison Knudsen 1993 650V DC Third Rail under working 12.5 kV sixty Hz catenary 3 or more vehicle sets; To often be succeeded simply by M8s Bombardier M7A 2007 650V DC Third Rail underneath running Replaced M1s in addition to ACMUs Kawasaki 2010 2014 650V DC next train under-running 650V DC next railroad over-running 12.5 kV 60 Hz AC catenary twenty five kV 60 Hz AC catenary Delivery ongoing. Will have the capacity to work on Shore Line East and probably do at some point operate straight into Penn Station. 405 with order. Deliveries started out around later 2009; As regarding July 31, 2012 128 had recently been delivered. in addition to 122 cars had been accepted by CDOT/ Metro North. Slated that will substitute M2/M4/M6 track cars. 25 devices are going to be solitary pairs. TBA M9A 2014-2017 650V DC 3 rd railroad under-running Manufacturer to be able to be released December 2012; to be operated on Harlem as well as Hudson lines; Replacing M3s. Push Pull Coaches Pullman Standard Cars 1950s-1960s Non-Powered Official Metro-North business train. The remark car with the Lackawanna's Phoebe Snow has lasted (as MN-3), when have a very few former NYC team vehicles (MN-1, plus -2). It is torn in two by way of a solitary GP35R, a single BL20GH, as well as a couple of P32AC-DMs managing elephant model Bombardier Comet II 1982 Non-powered One doorway about each end, unusual # trailers include toilets; Ex West connected with Hudson service transmitted 2009 Bombardier Shoreliner I 1983 Non-powered One entry on each one end, unusual # trailers have toilets; rebuilt around 2008-2009 Bombardier Shoreliner II 1987 Non-powered Near identical to Shoreliner Is; rebuilt in 2008- last year Bombardier Shoreliner I 1991 Non-powered Have core doors as well as ending doors, odd # trailers possess toilets Bombardier Shoreliner IV 1996 1998 Non-powered Engineer's facet doorway eradicated inside taxi cars, strange # trailers possess toilets Alstom Comet V 2006 Non-powered Operated by means of NJ Transit intended for western world of Hudson service; is so visible upon other NJ Transit companies Fare procedures East involving Hudson West connected with Hudson Plans East associated with Hudson Hudson Line Harlem Line New Haven Line West involving Hudson Access to help Penn Station Community operations Mascot Croton-Harmon Shop Open House In famous traditions In films In advertisements See also References

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