Sunday, 9 December 2012

Hot! John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon , dearly loved simply by countless pertaining to his functions with House Party as well as Friday, appeared to be shocked to uncover him self reportedly inactive along with a trending topic on Twitter.

"What your Hell y'all talking round with Here?!??" the 70-year-old

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The comedian after that added, "I isn't 'DEAD' I'm throughout Ft Lauderdale on the Hard Rock Cafe Gettin dat Paper."

" John Witherspoon Is NOT Dead - And Shame On Whoever's Behind Such A Hurtful/Disgusting Lie!" wrote occasional actress Jack at the Harry, catching the rumored-to-be-deceased's eye. Retweeting her message, Witherspoon added , "@JackeeHarry You tell em' Jack e these kind of world-wide-web kids is insane most of these days."

Taking a look at the particular attention, John Witherspoon added, "Hey but given that I'm #Trending y'all better adhere to my home plus propagate your message which I AIN'T DEAD," adding, "Hey because ya'll like me personally a great deal visit test out my Cooking show upon ."

The newest containers through the certainly not nevertheless dead? John Witherspoon's Cooking For Poor People assumes on bird wings.

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As his / her point in time while in the trending focus came with a close, your acting professional bid their enthusiasts goodnight however is not goodbye.

"Well I guess I is not #Trending anymore but this appeared to be interesting," Witherspoon composed late Thursday. "Thanks that will everybody whom confirmed they attention spell me, now Im about to bed."

Spread the actual word: John Witherspoon ain't dead he is in existence plus cooking!

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