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Garcinia gummi-gutta(species with Garcinia local to help Indonesia likewise often regarded asgambooge',Uppage huli' (kannada /karnataka )brindleberry,brindall berry,Malabar tamarind,kodumpuli(Malayalam /Kerala ), orgoraka(Sinhala ). The yellowish , occasionally calledassam fruitis pumpkin-shaped.


Gambooge is grown to its fruit flesh within southeast Asia , along with west and core Africa . It multiplies around soaked forests.

Gambooge is actually certainly one of various closely connected Garcinia types on the grow crops friends and family . With skinny skin plus deep directory lobes, this berry with G. cambogia and also relevant variety range from about the size of the tangerine to that of any grapefruit; G. cambogia seems to be more for a tiny yellowish, greenish or perhaps from time to time reddish pumpkin. The coloring may vary considerably. When the rinds tend to be dried out and healed throughout planning with regard to storeroom plus extraction, there're dark brown or perhaps african american inside color.

Along this western coast associated with South India, G. cambogia is popularly called "Malabar Tamarind," which can be in fact a quite various kinds (Tamarindis indica). The latter is usually a little and also the former a really significant evergreen tree. The a couple of contain the identical culinary uses. G. cambogia is additionally known as "Goraka" or, some areas, just "Kattcha puli" (souring fruit).

Uses Cooking

G. cambogia is employed largely inside cooking, which include in the prep regarding curries. The berry rind and also concentrated amounts regarding Garcinia variety these are known as for in a lot of regular recipes. In the actual Indian , "sour" flavour are told power up digestion.

G. cambogia is actually utilized vendor around fish curing, especially in Ceylon (Colombo curing), along with a variety of types connected with Garcinia are employed also in nutrition arrangement with Assam (India), Thailand, Malaysia, Burma and other Southeast Asian countries. The bushes could be associated with forested regions plus will be guarded inside plantations normally presented up to pepper, spice and espresso production.

In the actual areas in which it's consumed, G. cambogia may be known as to get efficient for making meals extra "filling." The "Colombo curing" regarding perch is really a business industry connected with fish ongoing availability usual connected with South India which makes use of the antibacterial qualities from the fruit. ("Colombo curing" is usually specifically associated with the isle state with Ceylon/Sri Lanka.)

Assam crops is surely an necessary souring compound from the Southern Thai version with kaeng som , a sour curry.

The extract and rind regarding Garcinia cambogia is often a condiment with India.

Traditional medicine

Aside from it has the easy use in foodstuff preparation and preservation, extracts connected with G. cambogia tend to be often included in classic medication as .

Gambooge concentrated amounts are an element in a number of herbal desires for food suppressant as well as electrical power products, even though there isn't a basic evidence to compliment it's effectiveness. It can be used in weight-loss supplements.


Hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity) coming from weight-loss vitamin supplements that incorporate concentrated amounts regarding Garcinia cambogia may be reported.

International naming

(Kodukkaippuli) in

(Kudampuli) with Malayalam

(Kachampuli) around Coorgi

(Goraka) inside Sinhalese

(Som Kaek) in

Uppage Huli inside Uttara Kannda, Karnataka State (groying place )


Publications & Information Directorate, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (1986). G. cambogia Desr. The Useful Plants regarding India. (New Delhi: Publications & Information Directorate, 1986) 229.

"Fruit yellowish or perhaps reddish, size of an orange acquiring six or eight strong longitudinal grooves in it is fleshy pericarp. Pulp plaque created by sugar on the enjoyable flavor. It is definitely dehydrated one of several Singalese exactly who use it in curries." Uphof, J.C. Th. (1968).

"The acid solution rinds belonging to the fresh fruit are eaten, in addition to within Ceylon are dried, in addition to consumed to be a condiment inside curries." Drury, Heber (1873). Garcinia gambogia (Desrous). The Useful Plants regarding India, subsequent edition. (London: William H. Allen & Co., 1873) 220.


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