Saturday, 30 June 2012

Hot! Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes

The end of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' five-year marriage undoubtedly dominated watercooler conversation Friday (June 29), as People magazine broke the news that Holmes was filing for divorce. And, really, what other reaction could be expected, considering tongues have been wagging about this high-profile romance from the beginning?

But it was never just gossip-mongers who had something to say; a previously tight-lipped Cruise slackened his jaw considerably when he fell under Holmes' spell. One jump on Oprah Winfrey's couch and things would never be the same.

As the couple part ways, we look back at their very public declarations of affection:

A Childhood CrushPerhaps one of the sweetest sentiments Holmes ever expressed about her husband came before the two even met. In an interview for the October 2004 issue of Seventeen magazine, the actress revealed her childhood crush on the "Top Gun" actor. "I think every little girl dreams about her wedding," Holmes said. "I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise ." Holmes later confirmed her feelings on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," saying, "I'm glad I was a big dreamer."

Couch ConfessionsSpeaking of that infamous sofa-storming episode of the syndicated talk show, Cruise had plenty of accolades for his new, younger girlfriend, whom he'd only been dating for a few weeks. "I'm in love. And it's one of these things, where it's like, you know, you wanna be cool. . That's not me . I admired her and I thought I wanted to meet her. And I called her. . She's an extraordinary woman," he said . "She cares about other people . and she has a real joy about life."

Serious StuntmanHolmes traveled to the 2010 Sundance Film Festival sans Cruise as the actor was busy filming the action film "Knight and Day" with co-star Cameron Diaz. When asked whether she ever fretted over her husband's dangerous scenes, Holmes replied that she had the utmost faith in his capabilities. "He's such a pro, and he's great at it," she said. "He prepares really well, and that's what he does. He does it right, and it's cool, so I get excited. I'm like, 'Wow! That's my husband!' "

Sometime SerenaderWhen MTV News' Josh Horowitz caught up with Cruise in 2010 while promoting his film "Valkyrie," talk turned to the actor's vocal stylings and Holmes must have enjoyed Cruise's serenading more than he led on, because the "Rock of Ages" star admitted his main motivation for joining the movie musical was Holmes' insistence . "Kate kept saying, 'You've got to make a musical.' The dancing of ['Tropic Thunder' character] Les Grossman is inspired because Kate is a dancer, she sings, and she would take us to ," he revealed. " 'I've got this dance class for the family. Come on we've got to do it, we've got hip-hop class, we've got to do it.' "

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