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Kombucha Tea - Laurel Canyon - Founded 1993 - Home Of The Original American Kombucha ©

Welcome that will Laurel Farms , Home from the Original American Kombucha , Founded 1993, Laurel Canyon, California

Make your own personal Kombucha Tea safely, very easily in addition to financially at home

Our Kombucha Growing Kits include:

Authentic, FDA safety-checked regarding home-growing, Kombucha "Mother" plus "Starter Tea"

21 page novels kit, which include created formula sheet, developing tips, beauty treatments, pet as well as plant care, client guidelines and testimonials

Free shipment along with handling

Reusable treasure box

Free, helpful phone help

Discover the therapeutic electric power involving this particular incredible treasure from God!

Even though it is really called a Kombucha Tea Mushroom, or perhaps a Manchurian Mushroom, or even a Russian grib "mushroom", or perhaps every from the dozens of various other titles it is really procured in the past various million years, the particular Kombucha isn't actually a new mushroom at all. It's some sort of symbiotic collaboration of excellent bacteria plus healthy and balanced get rid of (not this variety lots of yeast problems) that, whenever eventually left alone regarding 7-10 a short time floating within a mixture of common sugar, green tea and distilled water, combines for making an invigorating drinks that contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, folic acid, along with glucuronic acid.

Glucuronic acidity in concert with your liver for you to stick up environment and metabolic toxins and also excrete these from your body. Glucuronic acid also assists our body make necessary group of polysaccharides which assemble good connective tissue, cartilage, spark T-cell production, along with enhance cellular phone immunity. When the FDA examined the particular Laurel Farms Kombucha inside the early 1990's, many people identified who's comprised glucuronic acid.

Although it is greatly considered which the Kombucha originated in China around 220BC, in which it may are actually referred to as "The Divine Tea," all of us feel that its beginnings go back much over the fence in time, possibly 4500 years. Dr. Zahi Hawass PhD Secretary General in the Supreme Council associated with Antiquities plus Vice Minister connected with Culture with Egypt, advised Betsy Pryor the fact that creator seemed to be more than likely a strong Egyptian, anyone expert within the fine Egyptian skill associated with fermentation, certainly a healer being inside time in the Pharaoh Khufu, that builder in the Great Pyramid.

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